How A Lawyer Can Help You Sue A Business Owner After A Slip & Fall Incident

Posted on: 5 January 2015

If you suffered embarrassment and an injury after slipping and falling in a store with damaged flooring material, you may be able to sue. A lawyer can help you get paid for the injury so you won't have to pay for treating it on your own. Below, learn how a lawyer can help you sue the owner of the store and how much legal assistance will cost.

How Can a Lawyer Help Sue the Owner of a Store After Slipping & Falling?

To begin your case, your lawyer will talk to you about what happened on the day that you had your accident. He or she will determine if you are at fault in any way before moving forward. You must make sure that you are honest during the consultation because fabricating your story even a little can be used against you by the defense lawyer.

The lawyer will visit the business establishment on your behalf to investigate the area of flooring that you slipped on. You may be asked to accompany the lawyer so he or she can gain a better understanding of what happened. Your lawyer will request a copy of video surveillance that captured the injury from the owner (if available), but the owner may refuse if he or she is guilty. The business owner's history of similar lawsuits will also be investigated to find out if there is a history of neglecting the flooring materials.

Other vital evidence for your lawsuit will include proof of your injury. You must hand your lawyer a copy of your medical records that specifically details the injury from the slip and fall. The lawyer can obtain the medical records for you if you give permission by signing a medical release document.

How Much is Legal Assistance from a Slip & Fall Lawyer?

The cost for legal assistance will be dependent on who you decide to hire to represent you in court, as well as how many hours will be spent on the case until the end. However, you can also hire a lawyer based on paying a contingency fee if you win the lawsuit. The fee is paid out of the lawsuit money and you don't have to make a payment if you don't win.

Paying for your injury is not your responsibility when you had an honest accident due to a business owner's neglect. Hire a slip and fall lawyer to assist you with filing a lawsuit so you can have the necessary funds to pay for your medical expenses.

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