3 Things You Must Do If Your Social Security Disability Is Denied

Posted on: 7 January 2015

When you are disabled and unable to work, applying for social security disability benefits can help you supplement your income in many ways. If you are approved, that is. As many as 65% of original applications for social security disability are denied, so you should be prepared to not be approved right away.

Learn 3 things you should do immediately after getting denied for social security disability so you can have the best chance of getting eventual approval:

Find out just why you've been denied

There are many reasons why you may be denied for social security disability. The most common reasons include:

  • you make too much money
  • you have a history of crime
  • your disability isn't severe enough
  • your disability is due to addiction

You should know why you were denied so you can prepare the proper paperwork to help prove your case for getting disability.

Get a lawyer

A social security disability lawyer can help prepare a case for you so you can have a better chance of getting your application approved after a first denial. They can prepare documents, secure court dates, and expedite statements from doctors and other professionals to help prove your disability and fight your reason for denial.

They can also help you get back pay, which is money you can receive after your case is won that dates back to when you first applied for disability. The further back your onset date is, the more money you can receive in back pay. Your lawyer can help secure the best onset date that will be beneficial to you financially.

Appeal your case

Your lawyer will likely suggest that you appeal your case rather than reapply. Reapplying with the same information and application as before is most likely to end in the same denial as you got the first time, and doesn't solve your problem of why you're not getting approved for social security disability.

Appeal your case within the allowable deadline, either personally or with the help of your lawyer, so you can have your appeal on record as soon as possible. As you appeal your case, be prepared to follow many steps and processes to have the best chance of getting your disability approved the second time around.

Getting denied for social security disability is a reality you may have to face. If you are prepared for a denial and know just what steps you need to take to help battle it, you can have the best chance of getting approved the second time. To learn more, click here for info on social security disability appeal processes.