Beyond Safety Issues: Four Reasons For Getting A Restraining Order (that Aren't always Obvious)

Posted on: 30 July 2015

Because of the word "restraining," it's reasonable to assume that the only function of a restraining order is to keep a tormentor away from you and your family. That may be the fundamental reason for getting the order, but it isn't the only one. Here are four further reasons for getting a restraining order:  


Depending on your state, the court may order your abuser to pay for any damages or injuries his or her violence may have caused. For example, if you were injured during an attack from your tormentor, then he or she may be ordered to pay your medical bills. If he or she broke a window to gain entry into your house, then he or she may be directed to pay for its replacement. The restitution may be extended to cover the legal fees you incurred in getting the court's judgment. 


A restraining order may also help you to ensure that your tormentor doesn't hurt you or anybody else in the future. This may happen if the court orders him or her to undergo counseling or rehabilitation. Note that family or relationship counseling is not advisable in these cases because it may subject you to further psychological torture, however, individual counseling may help your partner with his or her anger management issues, among others.


If the person abusing you is also the main provider in your house, then it's possible that his or her actions are also making you suffer financially. In fact, he or she may take advantage of the restraining order to increase your financial suffering. For this reason, the court may order him or her to pay some support money or continue making the payments he or she used to make while living with you, such as mortgage payments. 

Exclusive Use of Property

If you own joint assets with your abuser, which is usually the case, then it will be difficult to continue using the properties if he or she is to stay away from you. An example is if you live in the same house and have one family car. Since he or she is the one causing the chaos, the restraining order may grant you exclusive use of these things, at least for some time.

As you can see, a restraining order has so many uses; most of them depend on your jurisdiction. If there are any specific wishes you want included in the order, talk to your attorney to help you determine if your state's laws allow them. No matter your reasons for wanting a restraining order, be sure to always consult a legal professional like the ones at Thomas & Associates, PC, to ensure that you get what you deserve.