Playing Fair In Divorce - Tips For The Courtroom

Posted on: 22 September 2015

If your pending divorce is heading to court, this can be stressful and emotional to prepare for. Not being able to come to an agreement on child custody agreements or finances can make both parties angry and sensitive. The one thing you should avoid is coming off badly in court. Here are four tips for preparing for your day in divorce court.

1. A Professional and Conservative Look

If you are hoping to have divorce proceedings close in your favor regarding either finances or custody agreements, don't bring attention to yourself by dressing down for court. Pick a conservative ensemble that shows you are taking the day seriously. Especially if children are involved, how you are dressed might be an indirect factor in a final judgement not going the way that you wanted.

2. Keep to the Facts

Try to stick to factual answers if you are addressed in court. If you are nervous and begin to ramble on about indirect details, you might come off as disorganized and confuse the court. Even if you are upset and bringing up bad memories might make you want to tell more of your story, try to stick to what is asked and keep your discussions factual and to the point.

3. Keep Emotions in Check

If you are going through a divorce that didn't end well or you are still angry with your ex-spouse, seeing them in court can be a jarring experience. Try your best to keep your cool and stay calm. There is no need for eye rolling, scoffing or making snippy remarks about your ex-spouse just because you are upset. Keep your emotions in check and don't let your ex-spouse get to you even if you don't agree with their side of the story.

4. Let Your Lawyer do the Talking

If you know that you might get worked up or will be too nervous to talk in court, have your family lawyer do most of this for you. They can list out what you are hoping your settlement will be or details on custody agreements. You may have to clarify things or assist with details, but if you aren't up for the heavy lifting, your lawyer can do the talking for you.

If your divorce has gotten to the point where you will be heading to court, this can be a trying time. It is important that you come off as the professional, cool headed spouse in court. There are more factors that go into court decisions than just the case at hand, and your actions will be judged as well.