Notes To Take In Advance Of Your First Meeting With A Criminal Attorney

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Being arrested for any type of crime is embarrassing, but having the right criminal law attorney on your side can help you clear your name and get back to living a normal life. If you've decided to hire the attorney over the phone, he or she will likely stress the need for you to supply a copy of your arrest report and any other documentation that you've received that pertains to your arrest when your first legal meeting takes place. Once the attorney has reviewed this information, he or she will begin to ask you a long list of questions. To show that you're serious about clearing your name and being an asset to the case, here are some things to take notes on before the meeting.

The Arrest Itself

Think of every detail you can recall about the arrest and your interaction with police officers and begin writing these recollections down. Use point forms and provide even the slightest details, even if you don't think they were relevant. Include paraphrase mentions of what the officers told you, what other people involved in the arrest might have said and any of your comments toward the officers. Every single detail can help your attorney take the case in the direction it needs to go to assert your innocence and ultimately have you found not guilty.

Statements From Witnesses

While the criminal law attorney's team of investigators will definitely want to speak to any witnesses to the alleged crime or to your arrest, you can get the ball rolling by asking any witnesses to write statements about what they saw. For example, if you were with a friend at a store and were subsequently arrested for allegedly shoplifting something, you could have your friend write what he or she recalls about the arrest and the situation leading up to it. Even if this information comes out later on, your attorney will appreciate these details being readily available right away.

Notes About The Arrest's Impact On You

If you've found that the arrest has changed your life in any way, jot down some notes to this effect. Doing so will help paint a picture of you as a person and how your life has been impacted by the arrest. For example, if you lost your job because you missed a shift while you were being held in jail, detail these events and how they've impacted you. The more small details you can include, the more your attorney will be able to get moving on the case quickly.

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