Tips For Making Sure Your Workers Compensation Claim Is Paid

Posted on: 12 April 2016

If you have been injured on the job, there is a good chance that you are eligible for workers compensation. However, many workers compensation companies don't want to pay out and will do everything that they can to resist paying for a claim or reduce the amount of money that they have to pay for it. Here are some tips to make sure that your workers compensation claim goes as smoothly as possible.

1. File Before a Month Has Passed

Be sure that you file your claim with the appropriate workers compensation company as soon as possible. Many companies will not be willing to accept claims if the accident that they are relying on has happened over a month ago. This can be difficult for you if you are in the hospital and are unable to fill out paperwork. If you are unable to file it within thirty days or whatever the time limit that your workers compensation company has, be sure that you are able to show the company why and you might be able to get them to accept you claim after the deadline.

If you think that there is a chance, at all, that the injury that you sustained while on the job is going to cause you to miss work, be sure that you file immediately in order to ensure that you have access to funds when you need them.

2. Seek Medical Attention Immediately

You are going to weaken your claim with the workers compensation company if you claim to be injured by cannot show that you sought assistance for you injury immediately. There is a chance that the company might not take it as seriously and might not pay you as much money. If anything is hurting or is strained, be sure that you go to see the doctor right away. Go to an emergency room or an urgent care clinic if your injury needs to be taken care of immediately.

3. Be Consistent

Finally, other people are going to need to fill out forms for the insurance company on your behalf and are going to need to write about what happened to cause your injury. They are going to ask you for this information. If you tell your employer one story and your doctor another, you are going to significantly weaken your case. Be sure that you choose a relatively simple narrative with enough details to accurately show what happened to you, but not so many that you are unable to keep all of the details exactly right.

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