3 Mistakes To Avoid While Going Through A Divorce

Posted on: 27 June 2016

Going through a divorce can be very stressful. Even if the divorce is a good thing for your personal and emotional health, it is still a stressful process to complete the divorce. However, many people make the divorce process worse by making critical mistakes. Here are some mistakes you should avoid making while getting a divorce.

1. Avoid Leaving The Property Until You Have A Formal Separation Agreement

It is not uncommon for couples that are struggling in their marriage to separate. Usually during the divorce process it is easier to live alone. However, you shouldn't separate until you have a legal separation. The person who abandons the house has given adverse possession to their spouse over the house. This means that the person who has possession of the house can change the locks, and prevent the other from entering the home. Although it will be resolved eventually it can take some time to be allowed back onto the property. For this reason, you should always stay at your house until you can get the separation legalized.

2. Don't Hide Assets

It is no secret that divorce is expensive. You are not only going to be paying a lawyer, but you will also be splitting your wealth and estate in half. Because of this you might be tempted to hide assets and wealth that you have in order to protect it from the divorce settlement. This is not wise. You should always be honest about all of your accounts, and assets. During the process of discovery it is likely that everything will come to light and if it was determined that you were dishonest about your assets you could be in trouble with the court. There may be assets and accounts that are safe from the divorce, but you should be sure that you are honest and forthcoming and let the courts decide what should be included in the divorce settlement.

3. Don't Start A New Relationship

Lastly, you should hold off dating and starting any relationships until the divorce has been finalized. This may be hard since in some cases the divorce can take a good deal of time, but it will protect you. Dating and carrying on a relationship before your divorce is final can reflect badly on your case, and could even cause you to appear unfaithful, which can bode badly on the settlement. For this reason, wait until the divorce is final.

By avoiding these mistakes you can protect yourself during a divorce. Read more here.