Two Reasons to Hire an Attorney That Specializes in Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on: 29 July 2016

Being involved in a traffic accident can be a scary and difficult process, and the situation can be even worse if you were on a motorcycle when the accident occurred. To make matters even worse, it can be very difficult to get the money that you deserve after being involved in an accident, as there is a common misconception out there that all motorcycle riders are reckless. This can make it harder for you to win your case. Listed below are two reasons to utilize an attorney that specializes in motorcycle cases.

Will Not Allow a Lack of Helmet to Be Used Against You

One of the biggest problems that you might face during your case is that someone might try to use the fact that you weren't wearing a helmet against you. This detail can be used by the lawyer representing the person who struck you as a sign that you are a reckless and dangerous driver. In addition, insurance companies will often try to use the excuse that you were riding without a helmet as a way to lower their settlement offer or to refuse to pay for your medical expenses.

However, a motorcycle-accident attorney will be able to prevent your lack of a helmet from being used against you if you were injured in a state or area where you are not required to use a helmet. This means that your attorney can fight against any attempt by the responsible party's lawyer to bring that fact up while also explaining to the jury or judge that a lack of a helmet does not make you any less responsible or impair your ability to operate a motorcycle. In addition, the attorney can use the fact that a helmet is optional to counter any attempts by the insurance company to get away with low settlement offers or a refusal to pay for medical expenses. 

Will Prevent You from Being Blamed

Since many people do believe that motorcycle riders are reckless, a common tactic after an accident is for the responsible party to actually blame the accident on the motorcycle rider. An attorney can help you avoid this problem by compiling evidence that the responsible party was being reckless or driving while being distracted. This evidence can include eyewitness accounts of speeding just before the accident or phone records that show that the responsible party was texting or speaking on the phone just before or while he or she struck you.

Contact a motorcycle-accident attorney as soon as possible if you have been struck by someone while riding your bike. An attorney that specializes in motorcycle cases can help prevent your lack of a helmet from being used against you and keep you from being wrongfully blamed for the accident.

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