A Legally Justified Way To Fight A Speeding Ticket

Posted on: 11 October 2016

A driver whose record is marred with moving violations has to keep from accumulating more points. Massively higher insurance fees and, possibly, a license suspension are virtually guaranteed if another ticket is issued. Unfortunately, an emergency situation could force a driver to race at a high rate of speed. Hitting 85 MPH in a 45 MPH zone may be done due to fear. Regardless, if a police officer pulls the driver over and issues a ticket, the only way to fight the ticket is in court. Rambling on in front of the judge won't work, but a good defense by a speeding ticket attorney just might.

Threatened on the Road

The strange case of a motorcyclist being chased for a mile by a giant wolf is a example of someone hitting high speeds for a good reason. The wolf might have attacked the motorcyclist. While attacks by wolves are exceedingly rare, incidents of road rage rage are not. A person who finds him/herself in an incident with a deranged driver probably will hit the gas pedal to escape. If the raging driver pursues, the person being pursued may speed up faster and not slow down even when the other driver ceases the chase. Yet another speeding ticket might result.

A Legitimate Defense

A ticket may be dismissed if the driver can prove he/she was "legally justified" to hit high rates of speed. Trying to avoid harm could be legal justification for speeding feverishly. Yet, there may be complexities to address in court regarding this type of defense. A judge may be somewhat sympathetic to the nervous condition of a driver who was involved in a traumatic incident. However, the judge may not feel it was necessary to excessively continue speeding in a location five or so miles away from where the incident concluded. In short, the judge could deem the first 2 miles were legally justifiable but not the final 3. With the right representation, the final decision may not end up bleak.

Representation Assists the Outcome

Being found guilty even when invoking the "legally justified" defense does not mean the full sanction for the violation must be levied. An attorney may petition the judge to lower the fine to the lowest legal amount and ask for court-ordered traffic school to remove points. Eliminating license points upon successful completion of traffic school eradicates troubles with insurers and the DMV. A skilled attorney like Campbell Law Group PLLC just might compel the judge to rule in this manner.