Working out the Custody Arrangements? 3 Reasons Why Bird Nesting Might Be the Answer

Posted on: 2 November 2016

If you're in the process of a divorce, and you're discussing custody, you want to make arrangements that will have your child's best interest at heart. That's easier to do if you and the other parent are on the same page. If you and your spouse have maintained an amicable relationship, and you're still able to communicate effectively, you may want to consider a bird nesting arrangement. Bird nesting is a relatively new custody arrangement that provides an increased level of stability for children going through a divorce. With bird nesting, the children stay put, while the parents take turns staying in the family home. Here are three ways that your child will benefit from the arrangement.

Allows Child to Remain in One Setting

Under typical custody arrangements, the parents remain in their respective residences and the children rotate back and forth. While this provides a sense of stability for the parents, it requires children to upend their lives several times a month. With bird nesting, the children remain in the family home and the parents rotate. If you choose bird nesting, your children will maintain a stable living arrangement.

Avoids Disruption of Child's Life

If you have older children, they probably have some type of social life – friends, extra-curricular activities, etc. Unfortunately, under traditional custody arrangements, children must sometimes forgo those activities each time they change physical custody. With bird nesting, your children will be able to maintain their social life because they'll remain in their own neighborhood.

Reduces Typical Problems Associated with Back-and-Forth Custody

When it comes to things like school work, traditional custody arrangements can cause undue stress on parents and children, alike. Each time children transfer from one home to the next, they run the risk that they'll misplace their school work, text books, etc. It can be difficult to keep track of school assignments when they're constantly moving from one home to the next. When you and your spouse choose bird nesting, your children – and their schoolwork – will remain in one place. This will prevent problems with assignments and supplies.

If you and your spouse are trying to come up with a suitable custody arrangement for your children – and you're still communicating effectively – you should talk to an attorney like Baudler, Maus, Forman, Kritzer & Wagner, LLP about the benefits of bird nesting. They'll be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding the arrangement.