The Key To Ensuring That Your Workers Compensation Claim Goes Through

Posted on: 23 July 2018

When you are hurt on the job, you want to make sure that you get the support you need from your job to aid in your recovery process. In order to get the necessary support, you are going to have to file a worker's compensation claim. There are specific steps you can take that will help ensure that your workers compensation claim goes through right away.

Let Your Job Know You Were Hurt

The first thing that you need to do is let your job know that you were hurt. Do not try to hide your injury and do not try to work through your injury. Let your employer know right away you were injured, even if you are not sure how serious your injury really is. Letting your employer know right away that you were injured will help you start a documentation trail to go with your injury.

Get Medical Help

Second, you need to get medical help right away. How soon you get that medical helps depends upon the injury. If you break your ankle, you should head to the doctor right away to get it set. If you get a deep laceration, you should head to the emergency room immediately to get the cut sealed up. If you strained your back, you may be able to wait until the end of the day to get it checked out.

Always use your best judgement about getting medical help. If your injury hurts and is causing you pain, your employer should let you leave your place of work to go and get medical assistance. You should not be forced to work with an injury. If for some reason you are not able to leave work to get immediate medical assistance, you should get medical assistance as soon as you can.

Let the Doctor Know the Injury Is Work-Related

When you get medical help, it is important that you let the doctor know that the injury was work-related. Make sure that the doctor notes in your medical file that your injury was sustained at work. It is okay to be persistent about this point; you need your medical files to corroborate that your injury was sustained at work.

Keep in mind that you can visit any doctor you want the first time you go to get medical help. If you need additional medical assistance, you are going to need to see a doctor that is certified with the state's Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC). This will help ensure that your medical costs are covered.

When you are injured at work, even if it doesn't seem like a big deal, let your employer know about your injury and fill out an accident report. Get medical help right away, and make sure that the doctor knows that the injury is related to work. Being proactive will help your workers compensation case in the long run. For more information, contact legal experts like Oxner + Permar, PLLC.