Did You Receive An Offer Of Employment At An American University?

Posted on: 29 August 2018

The citizens of the United States of America have long valued hard work and personal achievement. While you may have come here on a temporary worker visa, your significant contributions in your field of study have now lead to you being a recognized member of the university faculty. Naturally, this momentous occasion is one to celebrate, but you may also be worried about things that you have heard about lengthy delays during the complicated process of becoming a lawful permanent resident based upon your employment. As you proceed with procuring green card services, you can use these tips to avoid the most common reasons for delays.

Make Sure You Understand the Process

There are multiple steps along the path to becoming a lawful resident of the United States. Not only will you need to complete the basic steps for obtaining residency such as submitting documentation of your health following a medical exam, but you will also need to perform other tasks that demonstrate your need for employment-based services. 

For example, you may have priority status issued to you if you can prove that your role as a professor or research has outstanding merits that benefit the country. Make sure that you start your process of applying for a green card by consulting with an immigration attorney who can examine the unique aspects surrounding your situation to make sure that every opportunity is taken to streamline the process.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

In most cases, delays in green card applications occur due to a missing document or mistake made regarding a deadline or regulation. Talk to your attorney about common issues to avoid during the process such as forgetting to take the appropriate paperwork to your medical exam. If you plan to return to your home country at any point before you are granted full resident status, then make sure to also complete an application for advance parole document so that your green card application is not considered to be abandoned as a result of your travels.

Keep Backups Of All of Your Documents

Your academic career has taught you to keep accurate records, and you can put these organizational skills to keep up with the huge amount of paperwork generated during an application for residency. Start by creating a paper file to keep at home, and consider backing up all of your documents digitally. This way, you can easily perform tasks such as emailing a document to your attorney so that you never miss an essential deadline.

When you love working in the United States, an opportunity to work at your preferred university allows you to continue to contribute your expertise to the world. By making sure that you know exactly how to obtain permanent residency, you can look forward to many years of serving the student body at your new employer.