2 Ways You Can Be Wrongfully Terminated And How A Wrongful Termination Attorney Can Help

Posted on: 22 December 2018

If you were wrongfully terminated from your job this can be frustrating and you are likely very angry with your employer. To help you understand this, below are two ways your employer can wrongfully terminate you. You will also find information below on how a wrongful termination attorney can help you in a situation like this.


One of the most common ways workers are wrongfully terminated is discrimination. This discrimination could be because of your gender, age, disability, religion, or race. The only drawback to this is it may be hard for you to prove you were fired because of discrimination.

To help, you need to have witnesses that have witnessed you being discriminated against by your employer. This could be them passing you up on opportunities that you would normally receive. Your employer may say defamatory remarks to you. They may say you are late for work when you are not. If you have witnesses to any of this, you will have a good lawsuit.

You may have mental issues due to the discrimination. If so, you may seek medical treatment for these problems. This is also another way to prove you were discriminated against.

Insufficient Retaliation

You can be discriminated against by insufficient retaliation. This means you get reprimanded for things that you did not do. For example, there may be a report due to your employer that you were not in charge of. If the report is late the employer may blame it on you. Your employer can blame you for many things that are not your fault.

Your employer may also fire you for engaging in protected activities. If so, this is also known as wrongful termination. For example, you may report your employer to authorities if they are doing unlawful activities. If your employer learns that you do this, they may fire you.

How a Wrongful Termination Attorney Can Help

Contact a wrongful termination attorney if you have been wrongfully terminated. They can help you understand your rights that are set up under the employment law. The attorney will contact the employer and ask them about why they terminated you. The attorney may ask the employer for proof of this. For example, if they say you were often late, your employer will have to show the attorney the clock in time each day. This is generally done electronically so it will be easy to determine what time you arrive at work each day.

The attorney will interview any witnesses that may have seen the discrimination. These witnesses will be deposed and will be asked to go to court to help you if the case goes this far.

One of the main ways a wrongful termination attorney can help you is to get the compensation that you deserve. For example, if you win your case your employer will have to pay you your full wages for the entire time you were terminated. Your employer may also have to reimburse you if you had to seek medical treatment. The attorney can also help you get your job back if this is something you want to do.

If you have questions about any of this talk with your attorney and they can explain things to you in more detail.