Tips For Pushing A Child Support Case

Posted on: 8 July 2020

When it's time to put together a child support agreement, hiring an attorney will be an important resource. The arrangement that you come up with affects both your personal income and the quality of your child's life. No matter what side you're on in a child support case, use the points below to get an agreement that is the most helpful. 

Calculate your child's needs so you can figure how much support is needed

Start by assessing your life and your child's needs to figure out what support amount is fair. Raising a child to adulthood costs about $233,000 on average. Consider the income that you and the other parent bring in, and be prepared to provide proof of income and other kinds of documentation. 

You should also begin researching the child support laws in your state. You may have to pay a certain percentage of your income on child support, depending on how many kids you have. While the law has its guidelines, family courts don't get in the way when two parties are able to come to agreements of their own. 

Understand the various child support agreement possibilities

Take time to research the different kinds of child support agreements you can enter. A half-and-half arrangement may be ideal, but those agreements don't always happen. This is the case since things like child custody, who handles the child's school, and which parent provides clothing and supplies will also come into play. 

You'll also have different variables to deal with depending on whether the child support filing is happening due to a marital divorce or other matters. Always think about various types of agreements and what you hope to gain from the situation. 

Try to bridge the gap and talk to the other parent

Take every effort possible to open up to the other parent so you can come up with an agreeable compromise. If this is easier said than done, professional meditation might be your best course of action. These services can cost you between about $100 per hour and $250 per hour. 

Though mediators are impartial third-parties, you should still work with the lawyer that will represent your interests. This protects your assets and your wishes while, of course, putting your child's needs first. 

Use these tips so that you can hire a child support attorney in your area like Dawn M Ogrodny PC who can assist you.