Why Legal Recruiting May Be The Career Path For You

Posted on: 9 June 2021

Getting your law degree, passing the bar exam, and going to work in the legal field can be an exciting and rewarding accomplishment. Unfortunately, sometimes you find that working in litigation just isn't what you had imagined it would be. If working as an attorney doesn't suit you the way that you thought it would but you still enjoy the legal field, you might consider becoming a legal recruiter instead. Here's a look at some of the benefits of transitioning to legal recruiting instead of a practicing lawyer.

Greater Control Of Your Income

When you work as a practicing lawyer, your income is limited to the salary that you agree to with the firm regardless of the number of cases that you win or the number of clients that you retain. Aside from the occasional bonus, there's little in the way of additional monetary reward for working harder.

As a legal recruiter, you have far more freedom to control your earnings. Your earnings will typically be a set percentage of each employment contract fulfilled by your candidate recommendations. That means that your income is limited only by the number of candidates you can place in positions. You'll be rewarded more for working harder, putting you in control of your income and your financial future.

Flexible Schedule

As a lawyer, your schedule provides little in the way of flexibility because you're bound to the court's operating hours. Additionally, you'll typically have after-hours research, witness preparation, and preparation for depositions. That means your schedule is demanding, and that can be difficult to sustain sometimes.

Legal recruiters aren't restricted to the same type of working hours or demands on their time. You can work the hours that are easiest for you. If you need to work during school hours so that you can be a caregiver to your children when they are home, that's an option for a legal recruiter. For those who need to work from a remote location, you have that flexibility.

If you're looking for a career that will adapt to you without sacrificing your connection to the legal field, recruiting is a great option.

Diverse Work Environment

Another great reason to consider legal recruiting is the diversity of the work environment options. Working as an attorney, it's difficult to get a practice off the ground independently, so you usually go to work for a firm and then strive to make partner for greater income opportunities.

Working as a legal recruiter, though, you can work independently and start your own home-office operation, or you can go to work for a recruiting agency if you prefer. You can even work with a legal recruiting agency as an independent contractor, controlling your work environment and the number of contracts you take. This gives you greater diversity in your work environment than you'd have if you were working as a lawyer.

Rewarding Career Path

One of the most challenging things about working as a lawyer is facing a case that you didn't win. The reality of it is that you won't win every case that you argue in court, and you can't help every client that comes through the door. For those who are emotionally sensitive to these types of challenges, it can make the job a difficult one.

Working as a legal recruiter, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy a more rewarding career path. You won't have the challenges of defeat in the courtroom or the risk of a client that you simply can't help because the case is unwinnable. Instead, you'll have a sense of accomplishment and contribution when you are able to place candidates into the positions that your clients are looking to fill. 

You'll have a sense of pride in knowing that you're contributing to the success of these firms and supporting the legal field without the downfalls of losing a case argument.

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