Trust But Verify: Dealing With Bail Bond Matters

Posted on: 21 September 2021

Just knowing that a loved one or close friend is behind bars can be extremely troubling. Unfortunately, this is no time to hesitate or make a mistake. Read on to find out how to verify the facts before you take action.

Make No Mistake: Bail Bonds Are Good Things

Bail bonds are a legitimate way to get someone released from jail. Bail bonds agents are friendly and easy to work with, and they will help you understand exactly what is going on with the entire matter. The best part of a bail bond, however, is how it saves you money. Bail, as ordered by the court, is very expensive. Many are alarmed at the thousands of dollars needed to get out of jail. However, bail bonds can be purchased for a fraction of the full ordered amount, so they are more affordable for everyone. It's a lot easier to pay $1,000 to have someone released than the $10,000 the court charges (that example uses a 10% bail premium but the percentage varies from place to place). To make sure things are what they seem, take the following actions so that you are not falling for a fake bail bond situation:

Make the First Move

 In some cases, the defendant will phone you first. Then, it's up to you to locate a bail bonds agency near the courthouse or jail. Phone the bail agency, and find out the bail amount and all the other information you need to complete the transaction. They will then take care of paying the bail and having your loved one released.

Take Care of Business in Person

Going to the bail bonds location is important. Many agencies won't do bail bonds over the phone. For another, it allows you to see first-hand how trustworthy, professional, and capable the agency is.

Deal With Long-Distance Bail Issues

Unfortunately, your loved one may be sitting in jail in another city or even state. In that case, you can still safely arrange for bail if you take precautions. Phone the correctional facility and verify the location, charges, and bail information for your loved one. Then, get in touch with a local bail agency that does transfer bonds. That means the transaction for paying the bail is handled by both a local agency and one near your loved one. In some cases, an extra fee will be charged for a transfer bond.


Get your loved one released in the most affordable way possible. Speak to a local bail bonds agency for more information.