Think Twice Before Agreeing To A Car Accident Settlement

Posted on: 15 February 2023

You are probably owed money after a car accident that was not your fault. However, the amount you are paid can vary from inadequate to acceptable. Many accident victims are not equipped to deal with legal and insurance matters. Read on and find out when you should stop and think twice before you sign an agreement to settle. 

Settlement Offers Can be Insulting

When you get a lowball offer, don't be offended. This can be a way to begin negotiating for a better offer. In most cases, the right move to make is to counter that lowball offer with an offer that is a bit above the least you will accept. That gives you room to negotiate. Try not to give away the bottom-line amount you will accept. That keeps negotiations moving. 

If you are not feeling the negotiations game at this point, it's not surprising. Most of the time, playing phone tag with the other driver's insurer is the last thing you want to do. Let a personal injury lawyer take over this task. They know a few things that you might not know about personal injury accident settlements. Here is why you should allow a personal injury lawyer to do your negotiating for you:

  • You may not take into consideration the full scope of your accident losses. Some accidents can cause victims to have complex pain and suffer losses. Many attorneys and insurance companies use mathematical formulas to determine pain and suffering awards. 
  • You may not take into account your future needs. Not all accident injuries heal in a week or so. If your injuries were serious, you will need to include future medical treatment costs in your settlement. That is no small task, however. Experts must be consulted to determine how much your medical care could cost in a year or so. 
  • You may not understand how to deal with the insurer. Personal injury lawyers, on the other hand, may personally know the legal representative for the other driver's insurance company. A large part of a personal injury lawyer's job is to interact with insurers and other lawyers. They understand when to push for more and when to take what is offered. Few accident victims possess those skills. 

Rather than making an error and accepting a settlement that you will regret, speak to a personal injury lawyer and get the help you need for the settlement you deserve.  

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