The Benefits Of Contacting A Surety Bail Bondsman To Post Your Bond

Posted on: 7 July 2023

When your arraignment judge orders you to pay surety bail to secure your release, you may need to look beyond simply borrowing cash from friends or relatives. You also may be unable to post cash that you might have saved up in your bank account.

Instead, the court requires you to go through a more complex process of posting the required amount to get you out of jail. In this instance, you need to contact a local surety bail bondsman to arrange for this type of bond to be posted for you.

Higher Amounts

A surety bail bondsman may be able to secure a higher bond amount for you. This amount of money may go well beyond the hundreds or few thousands of dollars some jail inmates pay to get out and go home before their next court dates. You may need to post tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to get released.

A surety bail bondsman may be able to find the sources needed to raise and post this kind of cash. You avoid having to come up with the money yourself or borrow it from your employer, friends, or family members.

More Involved Parties

A surety bail bondsman may also get one or two more parties involved with raising the bond for your release. These additional parties not only may be able to secure and post the type of bond you need to get you out of jail. They also, in essence, assume a share of the responsibility in securing your release and making sure you appear at your next scheduled court dates. The court may want this type of assurance that you will show up and not abscond if you are charged with a felony or violent crime.


Finally, your surety bail bondsman may require you to put up some type of collateral to secure the full amount of your bail. This requirement can spare you from having to inconvenience any of your friends or relatives to liquidate assets they own to pay off your bail. It also ensures you have a way to pay the full amount of bail without necessarily emptying out your bank accounts.

A surety bail bondsman may be able to arrange for a higher amount of bond needed to secure your release. This type of bail bondsman may also partner with several parties to secure the full amount and hold you accountable to the terms of your release from jail. You may also secure some or all of the bail with collateral.

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