Why You Should Always Hire a Lawyer When Going Through a Divorce

Posted on: 2 November 2016

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly tumultuous time.  Whether the decision to divorce was made suddenly, or if it's been a long time in the making, it can still be a painful process.  If you are currently divorcing, you may think that you can handle it without a legal professional.  However, failing to obtain a divorce attorney could prove to be a very serious mistake.  Use this information to learn more about why you should always hire a lawyer when you're going through a divorce.

Divorce Attorneys Help to Substantiate Your Divorce Claims

One of the main reasons why you should work with a divorce attorney is because they help to substantiate your divorce claims.  This is important because failing to validate your claims could lengthen the process, causing you to stay attached to someone that you no longer want to have dealings with.

For example, in some states, there are specific requirements that must be met if a judge is going to grant a divorce.  It could be anything from domestic violence, infidelity, and a host of other reasons that must be met before you will be granted a divorce.  Your lawyer will let you know what the grounds for divorce are in your state, and then go about advising you concerning how you can gather your evidence.  It could be keeping careful records of voicemails or text messages, or even catching your mate in the act with video footage.  

A lawyer can help you get all of the evidence in place so it will be much easier for you to go confidently to court so that you can have your marriage dissolved.

Divorce Attorneys Act as a Second Set of Eyes

If your divorce is very emotionally loaded, it's so easy to forget some of the details.  Your attorney will be the second set of eyes that you need to ensure that everything is divided up properly.

The division of property is about so much more than just land, homes or cars.  There may be a credit card that you obtained for your partner which you've never used.  They may have been the only party that used it.  However, because it's in your name, you'll be on the hook for the payment after the divorce.  Your lawyer will bring things like this back to your memory so that it can all be included in the divorce decree.