Custody Concerns And Investigations

Posted on: 28 October 2021

Under certain circumstances, the custodial rights of a parent can be revoked. If a child is not being properly supervised or is enduring physical or emotional abuse, they could be removed from the home of their guardian and placed with their other birth parent. Some cases require that a preliminary private investigation is conducted.

Reasons for Concern

A parent who has reason to be concerned may have witnessed inappropriate behavior during occasions when they exchanged their child with the custodial parent. Drug use, harsh verbal tones, inconsistencies in a child's routine, and a child's plea to the non-custodial parent could indicate that a child is living in an unsuitable atmosphere. A messy home, a child's disheveled appearance, and failure to allow a non-custodial parent to pick up their child at prescheduled times could be indicative of neglect or emotional abuse.

Hard evidence may not always be presented to the non-custodial parent. A non-custodial parent could have suspicions about the other parent, but be lacking the proof they will need to be awarded custody of their child. An investigator's job is to document problematic behaviors and patterns that could be detrimental to a child's well-being.

A Private Investigator's Role

A family court judge uses the information that is presented to them to aid with choosing who will retain custody of a minor. The information presented may not always be complete and a judge could mistakenly think that one parent is more suited to be the custodian than the other parent.

Some situations may involve a parent initially being fit to take on the role of the primary caregiver. An addiction, the loss of finances, or another catalyst could cause the custodian's demeanor and living situation to change. The new circumstances that pertain to a child's well-being will need to be presented in court.

A private investigator may use audio and video recordings, photographs, and witness testimony to support the non-custodial parent's claim. A full investigation may require an investigator to observe the custodial parent on multiple occasions. There are laws that an investigator must abide to. Some states restrict the use of recording devices, unless the parties being recorded are made aware of this.

An investigator cannot take pictures through windows, wiretap, or hack online accounts. They will make all of their observations from a distance and may only record footage in a public setting. In spite of the restrictions, a well-trained investigator can acquire the proof that is needed to overturn a custody agreement.

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