• Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Recent Tour Ride Injury?

    You went on a tour ride so you could see the sights while you were on vacation. You wanted to take in the world around you and enjoy the leisure ride while meeting new people, but unfortunately, you ended up injured instead. You know that accidents do happen, but now you're facing medical bills, loss of work, and other consequences, and you don't feel you should have to pay for all the expenses of an accident you didn't cause. [Read More]

  • Been Arrested? 4 Tips To Help Your Attorney Provide You With The Best Defense

    If you're facing criminal charges, the first thing you need to do is hire a criminal defense attorney. You can't afford to attempt self-representation, especially during a criminal trial. There will be an entire prosecution team working to prove your guilt in a court of law. Having your own criminal defense team will help you level out the playing field so that you have a chance of proving your innocence. To make sure you have access to adequate counsel, here are four steps you should follow throughout the process. [Read More]

  • Two Reasons to Hire an Attorney That Specializes in Motorcycle Accidents

    Being involved in a traffic accident can be a scary and difficult process, and the situation can be even worse if you were on a motorcycle when the accident occurred. To make matters even worse, it can be very difficult to get the money that you deserve after being involved in an accident, as there is a common misconception out there that all motorcycle riders are reckless. This can make it harder for you to win your case. [Read More]

  • 10 Child Custody Tips Worth Following

    For divorcing parents, the creation of a fair and useful parenting plan can help provide a seamless transition for your children and lessen the acrimony of stressful courtroom battles. If you and your spouse can set aside your issues and work together for the sake of your children, you can save both time and money and end up with a personal, custom-designed plan that addresses the needs of both you and your children. [Read More]

  • Take Care When Driving During An El Niño Fall

    With predictions of an El Niño lasting through this fall and beyond, people across the country are bracing for changes in weather. While some areas of the country may be drier than usual, others will experience more precipitation. Preparing in advance and practicing safe driving techniques can help you avoid accidents. Wet Conditions (South and Southwest Drivers) Driving during times of heavy rain can be dangerous. Prepare your car for upcoming wet weather by replacing your windshield wipers. [Read More]

  • Can You Require A Seller To Perform Repairs Before Closing?

    Before closing the sale on your new home, you have the opportunity to conduct a pre-close inspection. Ideally, everything in the home will be as it should and you can continue to the close. However, if you notice that repairs need to be made to the home, you need to take action before closing. Here is what you need to know.  What Are Your Options? One of the first things you need to do is make a list of the repairs that need to be made. [Read More]

  • 5 Common Questions Answered About Environmental Law

    When it comes to environmental law, you may have heard about certain violations, such as littering on the highway. However, environmental law is much more extensive than this. In fact, you may have to deal with an environmental law attorney in the case that you have a neighbor, company, or more that is violating the environmental laws in your state that is causing harm to yourself and the environment in which you live. [Read More]

  • 3 Things You Must Do If Your Social Security Disability Is Denied

    When you are disabled and unable to work, applying for social security disability benefits can help you supplement your income in many ways. If you are approved, that is. As many as 65% of original applications for social security disability are denied, so you should be prepared to not be approved right away. Learn 3 things you should do immediately after getting denied for social security disability so you can have the best chance of getting eventual approval: [Read More]

  • How A Lawyer Can Help You Sue A Business Owner After A Slip & Fall Incident

    If you suffered embarrassment and an injury after slipping and falling in a store with damaged flooring material, you may be able to sue. A lawyer can help you get paid for the injury so you won't have to pay for treating it on your own. Below, learn how a lawyer can help you sue the owner of the store and how much legal assistance will cost. How Can a Lawyer Help Sue the Owner of a Store After Slipping & Falling? [Read More]